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Jabuticaba House

Casa Jabuticaba is located in the city of São José dos Campos, Brazil. This private residence exudes a unique blend of modernity and elegance. Out of the elements that make Casa Jabuticaba an example of contemporaneity are the innovative luminaires from O/M, Limit and inVision.

Limit was strategically used for general lighting, transcending its function and enhancing the architectural lines. Placed carefully, it not only illuminates the space with its diffused light, but blends with the natural light. It has the ability to add a layer of dynamism, transforming the atmosphere from dawn to dusk perfectly integrated into the natural environment surrounding the home.

In contrast, inVision luminaires redefine the concept of spot lighting through their dual-focus optics. These small but powerful sources of light have been placed on a ceiling over 4 metres high.

Their precision creates perfect projection effects, emphasising focal points with unparalleled accuracy. inVision creates a sophisticated space, elevating the overall architectural appeal of the residence.

Year: 2022
Location: São José dos Campos, Brazil
Architecture: Fernanda Marques Arquitetura
Lighting Design: Foco LD
Photography: Fernando Guerra

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