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Biennale di Venezia 2023
Franchetti Palace, May to November 2023

Like water, artificial light has flows and currents. It is both beautiful and destructive, necessary and wasted, essential and dysfunctional. Careful use of artificial light can reduce waste and negative impacts on ecosystems, while improving human well-being.

Ciao! Siamo O/M Light.
As a sponsor of the Portuguese exhibit at the Venice Architecture Biennale, O/M, together with Fertile Futures, is raising awareness of sustainability.
O/M’s products at Franchetti Palace touch the interior and exterior environments in a precise, delicate way, as a call to the soul of light, and we hope visitors appreciate it.


Created more than half a century ago, the decorative light fixtures designed by the architects Álvaro Siza Vieira and Souto de Moura are produced by O/M. Timeless pieces like Cairo, created in 1986, were the result of collaboration within the local community and tell a story of adaptation of artisanal know-how into industrial production.



The Franchetti Palace was built in 1565 and inhabited by illustrious Venetian families such as the Cavalli, the Archduke Friedrich of Austria, the Count of Chambord and the Count Franchetti, who left it to his wife Sarah Rothschild. In the 19th century, its interior was modernized while its exterior was embellished in a Venetian Gothic style. Today, it houses temporary exhibitions that constantly transform it.



The Sys architectural lighting system, with its click-in modules, allows simple adaptation and reuse of light for different functions. The optical systems developed with Bartenbach satisfy the highest criteria for visual comfort and quality of light control. Promoting well-being and avoiding waste, Sys overcomes changes in space and time, expanding its life cycle exponentially.


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Created in 1860, the Franchetti Palace garden occupies 1500m2 furrowed into the dense urban fabric of Venice, opening space for the native inhabitants of the lagoon. The garden is a well-respected haven for the local ecosystem.



The briefing brought by Arch. Souto de Moura for the development of the Tua bollard presented a challenge: How can we light without disturbing nature? How to make a path safe, preserving the darkness of night?
O/M developed an optical system that directs all light onto the ground across an area of 30m2, preventing harmful light pollution and glare. Thus was born an outdoor luminaire for sensitive ecosystems threatened by human presence, such as the Tua River in Portugal or the Grand Canal in Venice.


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Find us in Venice!
Venice is a great place to get lost, but finding the Portuguese exhibition is easy. Located at Palazzo Franchetti steps from the Grand Canal, Limit 30 Degrees is installed discreetly inside the front balcony, accenting its inviting interiors and attracting visitors’ curiosity.


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O/M develops luminaires with great visual comfort and precise luminous control.


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