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Like a sheet of paper curled in the hand, Leaf is an object with a form and light of equal importance. Its diffused ambience reflects the simplicity of its design, and its light and shape together create a natural atmosphere in any space.

Design: Eduardo Souto de Moura
Wall lamp made of frosted extruded polycarbonate body, steel base with textured-paint finish.

Light Effect
.25 Frost
 On/Off CodeDALI CodeOn/Off + E-KIT CodeDALI + E-KIT Code
650x180x103mm / 1x14/24W 12101 - - -
950x180x103mm / 1x21/39W 12121 12122 - -
1250x180x103mm / 1x28/54W 12131 12132 12133 12134
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